Protection de la santé, écologie

Health protection, environment

Real innovation can only be considered by respecting people and environment

Modern consumers are increasingly demanding more guarantees regarding i.e., the hypoallergenic qualities of products, especially those that are into direct contact with the skin. Our standards and certifications allow PROMOTION to take care and to be committed to environmental and human protection.

About the important subject of the nickel release rate, PROMOTION is using specific materials to ensure the respect of the standards and is continuously revising production process accordingly.

This certification concerns the eviction of heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium in the nature.

This certification allows the registration, evaluation, and authorization of the use of different chemical substances in our production sites.

The Responsible Jewelry Council – RJC – COP – COC
This system and certification are implemented with the final target of certifying the best practices in sourcing of gold or diamonds, from mine to distribution, allowing traceability throughout the complete flow.

The UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015
This International Standard specifies the requirements for the management system.