dossiers techniques

Technical drawings

The technical side of a unique product

All details and specifications related to the manufacturing of the product and the most suitable production technology are specified in the technical drawings. From this phase, the customer is in the position of knowing in advance how his product will be made, and, in case, may require modifications or improvements, depending on the available technologies. Indeed, a watch bracelet is a complicate product, made up of multiple components that must fit together perfectly. Accurate and complete technical drawings are developed and subject to customer’s approval and to all involved production structures.

Next step, PROMOTION proceeds with the evaluation of the production timing and the related costs to establish the final offer of the bracelet. A special care is given to optimize the price/quality ratio. As per the chosen procedure, each involved production structure receives technical drawings as well as a detailed description of the component that they will have to produce: every single detail is analyzed, defined, and related to established qualitative criteria. Any possible improvement in production is carefully considered.